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Нормально поразвлекался мужчино

После 01:30 главный герой открывает огонь по полицейским из полуавтоматической винтовки.

On April 27, 2016 deputies from the Orange County Sheriffs Department responded to a call of a suicidal man with a gun in the garage of his home. Upon arrival and without provocation, the three responding deputies were shot at with an automatic rifle by the suicidal suspect. The deputies were unable to return fire due to poor sight lines and concern that they couldn't see who else may have been inside the garage.
After firing dozens of rounds, the suspect came out, dropped his weapon and was taken into custody. No one was injured.
The deputies involved showed incredible restraint and exercised their training to take cover, not blindly shoot at the suspect while he was firing at them, and to respond safely and swiftly when the suspect surrendered.
We share this video to demonstrate the extremely dangerous and unpredictable job that our deputies encounter. Luckily this incident ended without any injury to the deputies, suspect, or neighbors.
Nothing better demonstrates our core values:
Integrity without compromise;
Service above self;
Professionalism in the performance of duty;
Vigilance in safeguarding our community.
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